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General Information
in 1992 through the merger of 22 Bulgarian regional commercial banks, the first and most comprehensive consolidation project in the Bulgarian banking sector.
in 1997, the first privatisation of a large state-owned Bulgarian bank.
Banking Licence:
Full banking licence for domestic and overseas banking and financial operations.
FITCH Ratings
  • BBB Long Term Foreign Currency
  • F3 Short Term Foreign Currency
  • Outlook Stable
  • Individual C/D
  • Support - 2
Standard & Poor's
  • BBB-   Long Term Foreign Currency
  • A-3  Short Term Foreign Currency
  • Outlook Stable
  • BBB-  Long Term Local Currency
  • A-3  Short Term Local Currency
Correspondent Relations
with 740, of which 707 abroad and 35 domes tic; 21 correspondent accounts.
Branch Network:
134 units countrywide.
Banking Services:
  • BGN and FX loans
  • BGN and FX deposits
  • FX transactions
  • Prompt and express intra-bank transfers
  • Electronic banking
  • Cash management
  • BGN and FX accounts and traveller's cheques
  • Debit and credit card payments
  • Cash collection operations and depositories
  • Bank guarantees and letters of credit
  • Securities' trading
  • Depository / fiduciary services
  • Investment banking services
  • Western Union transfers
Market share (As of 31 December 2005 calculated as a percentage of the whole banking market according to BNB statistical data):
  • Second largest Bulgarian bank measured by shareholders’ equity and third by assets
  • A principal market-maker in the money market trading and a market leader in the government securities market
  • Leader in the card services market and in Leva payments within the country
  • Leading position in major banking services (of total banking market):
Money market trading
Local foreign currency market
Debit cards
Credit cards
Interbank transactions
BGN deposits
Foreign currency deposits
Consumer loans
Mortgage loans
Corporate loans
POS terminals
Memberships and Others:
  • Association of Commercial Banks in Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian Stock Exchange
  • Central Securities Depository
  • Europay International
  • Visa International
  • JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) - Japan's premier and largest card company
  • S.W.I.F.T.
  • IIF - Institute of International Finance - The Global Association of Financial Institutions
  • BIBA - Bulgarian Industrial and Business Association
  • BBLF - Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum
  • Licensed primary dealer of government securities
  • Licensed investment intermediary for corporate securities trading
  • Western Union Agent
Corporate Mission and Goals
United Bulgarian Bank continues to face the following challenges:
  • intensifying competition in the banking sector in Bulgaria;
  • increased investment demand based on the lower level of interest rates and the liberalisation of the internal and foreign trade;
  • changes in clients’ needs and expectations.
Our Mission
  • build on the strength of the National Bank of Greece group;
  • continue to be a leading Bulgarian bank, known for its stability, product range, efficiency and commitment towards customers;
  • offer a wide range of bank services backed up by the efficient use of new information technologies and high quality of service;
  • affirm our image of a financially stable and successful institution on both the Bulgarian and the international markets.
Our Main Goals
  • increase our market share in the large corporate clients’ sector;
  • expand our approach towards the small and medium corporate clients’ and non-corporate clients’ sectors;
  • introduce and start actively selling electronic banking products and strengthen our leadership in the credit card system;
  • continue to update the Bank's IT system.

Source: http://www.ubb.bg

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