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M36 Bulgarian helmet
This is an example of an original issue, probably pre-WW2, M36C. The shell is of course identical to the post-war used M36C, but the liner is quite different.
This original condition M36C is some 50 grammes lighter than the refurbished one shown below - can that simply be down to a coat and paint and a different liner.
M36 Bulgarian helmet
See the four metal straps securing the liner. Not present on the A and B models.
The chinstrap is much narrower than on the relined examples.
M36 Bulgarian helmet
BULGARIA M36C liner detail
As you can see here the liner is constructed by sewing small lobes on to a broad headband, quite different from the one-strip liner of the later refurbishments.
M36 Bulgarian helmet
BULGARIA M36C stamp detail
Ths is the original Bulgarian acceptance stamp, unfortunately unreadable in this case (even if I could read Bulgarian...).
M36 Bulgarian helmet
There are three variations of the basic M36, the A, B and C. All superficially similar, but with distinct differences.
The A has a rolled edge, is made of heavier-gauge metal, and has a rather more evident crest. The B is similar to the A except it has no rolled edge, and the C has no rolled edge and a less obvious crest, as well a different method of fixing the liner.
Importantly the number and position of external rivets for the liners is quite different for each sub-type.
M36 Bulgarian helmet
This M36C has been completely refurbished since its first issue around 1938. It has been repainted and has a new liner, and gives no sense of having been issued.
That being said, the M36C (and possibly some A and B types) is still in current frontline use by the Bulgarian armed forces, along with the later M51 type and a small number of modern ballistic-fibre helmets.
M36 Bulgarian helmet
This is new liner - the original has more distinctively pointed ends to the lobes. See example above.
Note the four internal metal straps which hold the liner band - these are not present in the A and  B model.
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