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Why invest in Bulgaria ?
*                     Highly-skilled, multilingual workforce at Europe's most competitive wages
*                     Stable and predictable business and political environment
*                     EU membership on January 1, 2007
*                     The lowest operational costs and tax rates in a Europе
*                     Industrial goods traded duty free between Bulgaria and the EU, EFTA, CEFTA and Turkey
*                     15 % corporate income tax rate  (2007 expected rate: 12 %)
*                     VAT exemption on equipment imports for investment projects over Eur 5 million
*                     Annual depreciation rate of 30% for machinery & equipment, 50% for new equipment used in entirely new investment or expansion and 50% for software and hardware
*                     Acquisition of land and property through Bulgarian registered company with 100% foreign ownership
*                     Fast administrative services through InvestBulgaria Agency
*                     58 treaties for avoidance of double taxation
*                     56 agreements on mutual protection and promotion of foreign investment
Excellent climate, natural scenery, food and hospitality
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