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n мая на прах.

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Bulgarian Makarov
This is a Bulgarian Makarov pistol.  This little gun was the standard issue sidearm for Bulgarian forces from the early 1950's up until the collapse of the Soviet Union.  It shoots the 9x18mm cartridge, which places the gun in about the same power class as a 9mm Parabellum. 
The Makarov is a blowback operated, double action handgun. It has manual slide mounted safety, slide stop, single stack magazine. Bulgarian Makarovs are all-steel and are exremely sturdy, simple to operate and maintain and very reliable.
Includes 2 magazines, original 'STAR' bakelite grip, rubber grip (installed) and rod.
Condition: Excellent to like new.
Caliber: 9x18 Makarov
Type: Double action
Overall length: 161mm
Weight unloaded: 730g
Barrel length: 93.5 mm
Magazine capacity 8 rounds
These are not C&R guns.
2006-08-23 15:45:57
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