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About the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria
Who we are?
The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria is a fast growing business organization uniting over 220 American, Bulgarian and international companies operating in the country. The Chamber was established in December 1994, marking its 10th anniversary in 2004. In April 2005 the Chamber's anniversary was celebrated with a commemorative conference and a gala party.
The American Chamber of Commerce?s mission is to strengthen economic relations between U.S. and Bulgarian commercial enterprises, and to promote US-sponsored business initiatives and investments within Bulgaria.
AmCham Bulgaria is an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a member of the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce.

How we help
For 11 years now, AmCham has been the voice of the U.S. and international business interests within Bulgaria. Through the meetings we arrange and the publications we produce, we keep our members abreast of legislative changes, offer advice on economic matters and provide information of newfound business opportunities within Bulgaria and abroad.
Our members continued interest in the organization serves as a testament to the Chamber?s role as the ideal venue for lobbying and networking opportunities. AmCham committees help unite members from different business backgrounds, such as: the real estate, Information Technology and infrastructure. Committees meet on a regular basis to discuss industry-related issues. The explicit mission of the Public Affairs committee is to improve the business- government dialogue and to develop a more transparent and sophisticated business environment. AmCham members meet regularly throughout the year discussing the relevant issues of the day with influential governmental officials, MPs, key figures within the private sector. Due to our good relations with the U.S. Embassy, we have been successful in representing US business interests within Bulgaria.   

Our Members

The good corporate reputation is one of the most important criteria for membership. AmCham Bulgaria brings together reputable companies and organizations from all sectors of economy. The Chamber unites law and consultancy firms, advertising and PR agencies, non-profit and educational organizations, engineering and construction firms, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors and financial institutions. The AmCham community also include companies from within the transportation & logistics sector, consumer goods manufacturers and distributors, service providers, travel agencies, IT companies as well as industrial and office equipment suppliers. All these business interests, both American and Bulgarian, share a common sense of community and a determination to help improve US - Bulgarian economic relations.
Rapid growth within our membership is directly related to the high quality of the business services provided by the AmCham in conjunction with increased interest on the part of US investors. It is our task to unite both American and Bulgarian expertise as a means of offering further assistance in Bulgaria?s efforts in joining NATO and the European Union.
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