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>> TECHNOLOGY >> Bulgarian ak74 bayonet

The Bulgarians produced an AK47 type bayonet almost identical to the Russian version. Figure 7 shows an original Bulgarian bayonet as issued. The knife is essentially identical to the early Russian version except it does not have a factory code mark and the serial number runs perpendicular to the axis line of the bayonet and is machine engraved approximately centered in the pommel. The scales also appear to be redder in color than those on the Russian knife and have less of a mottled appearance.

    The scabbard shows more differences from the Russian version than the knife does. It uses the same early pattern wide metal band split in the back to accommodate the hanger and is blued. The scabbard shows a distinct sanding pattern different from the Russian version with approximately the top one-third being sanded in a horizontal pattern and the bottom two-thirds being sanded in a vertical pattern. The drain hole at the tip of the scabbard is also located on the backside whereas the Russian version is on the front side of the scabbard.

Early Bulgarian AK47 Bayonet, Front and Back


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