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bulgaria shapes up for the first time its vision of development prospects UNTIL 2015
20 August 2006
Bulgaria business developmentBy 2015, Bulgaria will become a dynamic competitive EU member state with high quality of life and equal opportunities. This is the major vision in the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) presented to the media that covered the government’s operational session in Evksininograd residence.
Two major goals have been formulated, based on this vision: strengthening of the economy’s competitiveness with a view to sustainable growth and development of human capital for the benefit of higher employment rates, higher income and better social inclusion. The two goals are in line with those set by the EU for the next planning period until 2013. On that basis, the cabinet formulated the major priorities in the NSRF relevant to the improvement of infrastructure, enhancement of the quality of human capital with a focus on employment, encouragement of entrepreneurship, favourable business environment, efficient public administration and support for balanced regional development. These priorities will serve as a basis of the allocation of funds in different operational programmes, said Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev after the presentation of the National Strategic Reference Framework made by Minister of Finance Plamen Oresharski. The Prime Minister pointed out that this is a fundamental document for Bulgaria’s absorption of EU funds. It defines the vision and the priorities in governance as well as the mechanisms for their implementation, the Prime Minister explained.
The government is preparing an overall information campaign for raising public awareness as to the National Strategic Framework in all regions of the country. The cabinet discussed the report delivered by Minister Daniel Valtchev on the challenges to education. The Ministers discussed also issues concerning the management of the recreation centres of the public administration as well as the procedures for granting concession. By the end of September, an interministerial working group will present its analysis of these issues and will put forward changes that will guarantee the country’s public and economic interest. The government discussed also the budget framework for 2007.
Source: http://www.government.bg
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